Yes! We are always welcoming new patients to our practice in North East, Pennsylvania. We are located just west of Erie, Pennsylvania, and east of Jamestown, NY. We are also just a short drive north of Crawford County, Pennsylvania.
Yes! North East Dental Arts offers a 5-year guarantee on dental crowns. The only stipulation is to be current on routine examinations and cleanings. Our dentists and team watch for signs of wear and tear; however, your restorations should last a good number of years if taken care of properly.
Yes, we see children of all ages, as young as 1-year old! Our practice in North East, Pennsylvania, is just minutes from North East School District. Our patients find the proximity convenient for their children’s dental visits.
We understand dental anxiety is very real. The team at North East Dental Arts has extensive experience with fearful patients. Rest assured we will address your concerns and do our very best to soothe your anxieties. Once an established patient, we offer the calming pill (by prescription only), nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and our Comfort Menu includes blankets, earplugs, sunglasses, and pillows!
It depends on the procedure and your insurance plan. Many businesses in North East and Erie, Pennsylvania, offer in-network insurance plans that pay the cost of preventive care treatments, including examinations, cleanings, and annual x-rays. Most plans offer partial coverage for common procedures such as fillings and dental crowns. We will investigate insurance coverages for your treatment and provide you with the information that is available to us.
A true dental emergency involves pain and swelling. Gums and the tissues inside your mouth, or the upper throat and jaw area can be affected in dental-related emergencies.
Typically, a broken tooth is not an urgent situation. The exception is if you are in pain or your mouth is bleeding.Even if you’re not experiencing pain, a broken tooth is a dental problem that should be addressed. Delaying treatment risks further damage to the tooth and could result in more extensive treatment in the long run.
Each patient’s needs are different. We will investigate your emergency and match your treatment to your needs.This is a list of various emergency dental treatments provided by North East Dental Arts:
  • Remove tooth decay and fill cavities (white or silver)
  • Repair chipped or broken teeth with a filling, dental bonding, or a new crown
  • Re-cement dental crowns
  • Remove food stuck in between teeth
  • Emergency root canals for infected teeth
  • Teeth extractions
If you feel you have an urgent situation on your hands but don’t see your specific problem mentioned here, please call North East Dental Arts and speak to a member of our team.
We recommend that most patients obtain cleanings and exams twice per year. We take annual bitewing X-rays to look for underlying issues not yet visible to the naked eye. We will also assess gum health. Gum infections can appear with no symptoms at all, so regular exams are crucial.
We like to start seeing children when they get their first tooth. It’s important to bring your children in for appointments twice per year. Children who are accustomed to visiting the dentist regularly tend to become adults who visit the dentist regularly. Children who are used to the dentist also tend to have much less anxiety about seeing the dentist when they are older.
When you bring your child in for his or her first appointment, we will conduct a brief examination, check the condition of teeth and gums, and talk about any concerns you might have. We review proper home care and nutrition and make recommendations for the best products to use. You should brush and floss for your kids until they have the dexterity to do it for themselves—usually around the age of six.
We are in-network with BAI®, UPMC Dental Advantage, and most Delta Dental® PPO/Premier plans, however, we can submit claims to most other insurance plans which would be considered out-of-network. Our complimentary benefits verification prior to your visit will let us know what type of coverage you have and if you are in-or-out of network with our dental providers. We also offer several financing options to help you get the dental care you need.
To protect your teeth and restorations, regular dental visits are important. To protect your gum health, flossing regularly is crucial. You should also avoid chewing on hard candies or ice. Never use your teeth—not even your natural teeth—for anything other than chewing food. Biting fingernails or opening cans with your teeth can cause a lot of damage to both natural teeth and restorations.
Because fear of the unknown can contribute to anxiety, we believe in being upfront about everything that will happen in the dental chair. We want you to feel completely comfortable with the expected treatments. If you have questions, we will take all the time needed to answer them.
If it’s been a while since your last dental appointment, please be assured we are a judgment-free dental office! We look forward to assisting you in restoring your oral health! If extensive treatment is prescribed, we will review all possible options and strive to meet your comfort level and needs.
If you find that even the familiarity of our office isn’t helping your anxiety, we offer laughing gas to help patients relax while they remain fully conscious. We also offer a calming pill by prescription only. We don’t want fear to cause you to avoid getting the dental care you need. Let us know what we can do to help!
When you need treatment beyond routine checkups, it’s best to talk to our office. Our staff investigates insurance coverage, so you can maximize the benefits available to you. Our clinical team is active with continuing education to provide clinically proven and modern approaches to dentistry.